Welcome to 2 Fools and a Bull, probably the most simple dining experience you will ever experience! Already, 6 years in a row….. the best of the best!!

An U-shaped bar where only 16 guests will dine all together and have the greatest experience in total dining comfort!  A 5½ course dinner served by Fool #2 - the master chef of Aruba. Fool #1, Pauly, will entertain you thru the night and offers a unique wine pairing by the glass to your liking, but optional. Just be ready for a special night out, which will leave you flabbergasted from the get go! And it all starts at 7 pm… SHARP!!

Bas, Fool #2 creates the most surprising dishes, full of flavor and a beautiful presentation. A great personality, and unfortunately, he is a bit tall…… lol. Fool #1, he is just plain crazy... simple… and has a bit of Foolish humor, sorry.